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This is actually good, normally anything gets through on Clock Day but this is really great. Recommended to Clock Day 08 =]

hesselbom responds:

Thanks, man! Appreciate the recognition.

I'm not an expert game reviewer...

But I will rate this game like one.
For those of us who know astronomy, the title is actually creative, A Blue Shift is an object moving through space at high speed. That brings me to my next point, I found the game play too fast paced.

Now here are my Pros and Cons:

Very creative with the weapons
The EMP is very good for getting out of a jam
A lot of hard work went into the graphics
The game became addictive after a few play troughs
Once you've leveled up your weapons, the game really isn't that hard, but its still hard
The health powerup was a lifesaver literally it recharged like 3 bars

The shield lasted a very short time
The repetitive "ping"-ing sounds were very annoying
The EMP was very hard to charge without dying first
The enemies' weapons never varied
The save feature didn't save your last checkpoint
Some levels had no checkpoints
The Mini-Boss (the red one) was always the same
The animations for the death of a boss were very well planned, however, I had no other Applications running and my CPU went from 10 to 100, causing the game to lag.

I hope my review helps you, this is a very creative game but it needs fine tuning.


Go my little brush-drawn furball, go, go, go!

That was... bad to say the least

But because I dont want to be mean, i will tell you how to fix it.

A. Make it more violent, when people see the title SHOOT ASH! make it mean SHOOT ASH, like make his head explode and add different ways to shoot him, the same blood splat gets booooring.

B. Add a bar or percent counter to your loading screen to let people know it's actually loading

C. Your music loop is terrible... sorry; it cuts out and makes an odd silence at the end before it replays. Go to AS:Main in the forums and find the Volume Slider tutorial because the repetition of a broken loop drives people insane

D. Work a little more on the graphics. The brush tool work was too obvious. Try a new technique of drawing... I mean, I dont own a Wacom Tablet but I take my time with the mouse and my drawings come out half decent.

I dont get it...

Hitler was a facist, not a terrorist, and was it even necessary to throw that in there??? Still some of the stuff was funny.

Its ok

The game is ok but nothing too new. Ive seen games like this before but since there are a lot of these, I can trust that it isnt stolen.

Meh Ok

Its probbaly your first or second flash right??? Well Its ok just a little too easy, I made a game like this for my first game but I made it really difficult to entertain the player, moving obstacles and such, over all its an ok game but if it had more of a challange than players would enjoy it more. Hope this advice helps.

Zeld responds:

First that I really tried on. Also, all I used for this was a on(rollover), not some complicated script, so I couldn't really make things like moving objects.

And yes, your advice differs from the usual "2 easy i just right clicked this shit", so thanks. =D

Too Slow

The Player Object moves too slow to catch the ball.

ZreaperZ responds:

Maybe your just slow and "old". :DXD

Easy cheating...

Kind of confusing at first and if you cant get past a lvl, you can right click and hit forward.
You can hide the menu with the code in the "Flash Game Source" tutorial which is on

Newgrounds>Collections>Flash Tutorials

-.- Am I missing something?

The jump was not a jump it was a small hop, the fire breathing guy's slime balls were too hard to avoid and the moon walk didnt work 7/10 times

Userscripts, for Everyone.

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