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I played the first "Remake" that was released about a month ago or whenever it was... I don't see too many new changes except the RIP MJ part at the beginning...

Yeah, No...

You get a 2 for graphics. That's the only good thing I saw in this game.

Let me give a wholesome review, so that way it's apparent that I'm talking from my mind and not just blurting out a bad review.

Ok, the menu screen is pretty decent. The artwork is very nice, and the instructions make pretty reasonable sense. This isn't a hard game to learn.

Next, the actual game. The graphics are nothing mind-blowing, but they're decent. The main character had smooth, fluid animations, and so do the zombies, The foreground objects are very eye-appealing, and the blurry, pixel effect on the background objects is very decent. No complaints about graphics.

Now, gameplay. Gameplay is probably the most important element in a game. And honestly, this game is lacking it, big time. So basically, your machine gun is semi-automatic, with no auto-fire. So you keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking to shoot one bullet at a time and kill your enemies. The weapon switching is smooth. But the other two weapons are almost exactly the same thing...

Still on gameplay, how bout the collection of power-ups? Mind telling us how to do that? If you jump on them, they become falling platforms, if you shoot them, nothing happens, then they hit the ground and explode. Oh wow, nice napalm gun, that I never get to use... Thank you, thanks a lot!

Now then, how about the A.I. The A.I. in level 1 is non-existent. So some retarded zombies who have the intelligence of a two-day old lab-rat on morphine line up behind cars. Now instead of sprinting at me, these incredible cool new types of zombies just stand there, and let me head-shot them by clicking one bullet at a time! AWESOME MAN!

The uber-boss at the end of level 1 has backwards text over his head, really nice effect there... Also, he never attacks, his A.I. is once again, a retarded morphine addicted lab-rat. He misses every single swipe, and can somehow jump about 3 times his height, really sensible, considering, ya' know... Gravity? And he has no challenge, just walk around like a moron jumping over cars and shoot him one bullet at a time, then eventually he'll explode into a pyre of violet blood, tasty...

Now then, how bout level 2? Knife throwing uber-zombies and no weapons upgrade, don't we all feel like jackasses for playing through level 1? C'mon man, needs weapon upgrades or something...

Now onto some glitches I found. Well for one, if you die while moving, your body continues shuffling in the direction you were walking in until you hit a car, brick wall, barrel, or other obstacle, then you see the game over screen.

Next glitch. Need a boost? Well, continue jumping in mid-air until you just get stuck there, also, this make you invincible because you can just have a jolly old time walking on air while enemies scratch their heads trying to figure out what happened to physics...

Oh and who could forget this? Your sponsor(or company's) insanely large logo at the bottom of the screen was a link! Yeah, woohoo! Now if I'm not careful about my shooting, I'm directed to some website that I didn't want to go to.

I seriously suggest you work on these bugs and issues, because I am not the only one having them. This game needs major improvement, and as of now, I only consider this a beta because it needs more testing...

Pretty decent...

Although in this day and age of Flash, AS3 is the "preferred" language, because most new programmers and veteran programmers learn it to stay current, but I don use AS2 sometimes also, I would suggest music, and I don't think the "Quality" button is at all necessary for such a small file, andbody that has trouble with a 65KB Flash creating lag seriously needs to invest in a new machine...

I dun like it...

3 For some originality... But the games are not "eye-candy" as far as art goes, the music is annoying, the game insults you if you dont do well, there's no "sandbox" mode to just try out all the minigames... And some games were incomplete, whoever over-saw this didn't do their job well because there were incomplete games in there and some with instructions that make no sense... If you ever do another one, take what I'm saying into consideration... I think these other reviews are so high because people are impressed by the originality of this... Well, the concept means nothing to me, the game-play is what makes a game...

T'was OK...

It was refreshing to see a game with such a high score that wasn't some puzzle platformer... And it wasn't half bad when it came to gameplay. The game was smooth, didn't create any lag, and the cutscenes synced perfectly to the gameplay. The only thing I didn't like is the inability to buy new weapons and no reinforcements, I mean, arguably, a D-Day turret soldier wouldn't be able to get new weapons, but surely reinforcements would be sent to the pillboxes. Oh, and the only reason that I think reinforcements should accumulate over time is that the amount of vehicles and rocket soldiers start to greatly outnumber the standard infantry, thus making this game uber-hard, right after the 28 hour mark...

Xeptic responds:

It should've had permanent upgrades I confess. I unfortunately had to drop a few features to make the deadline. There's a lot to improve, maybe some day I will :) Thanks for the review

Needs Work...

The sound of the Sonar is really not amusing to the ears. The idea of the game is very original though, I honestly can't believe that someone would think out of the box that far. But to improve this, I recommend making the hit areas of objects extend out more, because with the moving objects, this game becomes a hide and seek of geometric points, maybe try collision masking. Otherwise, great concept and mode of conveyance, the music fits well and the graphics blend nicely. If you make a sequel, and just tweak the collision masking (and maybe the buttons for level selection) you might seriously have a shot at a daily feature. Glad to have played this, favorited it.


Ondure responds:

Wow thanks man! I do like to do games that are different and new.
This actually was a project I started a good 6 months ago, and finished it not long after. It never went anywhere and I just recently beefed it up. Thanks for the great review though, it makes me appreciate myself haha.

Needs Fixing...

I give a two for "original" concept, I say "original" because Newgrounds has not seen something such as this many times before. It's not "new" to the internet, and this game certainly has not won my praise. First off, the music was annoying after a while, no volume control from what I saw. Secondly, the "Need Help" was a dumbed-down version of the tutorial, honestly, I think "Need Help" was intended for the first few levels but you never removed it from the higher levels, and if so, that's just laziness. Also, the hit detection is far too glitched for this game to ever have made it this far, taping the side of a platform should not make it fall... And also, the gravity took effect far too quickly, so much so that in the level named "The Cube", jumping off of the top platforms would make you fall straight through the second layer. Also, the boxes' animations were not very creative, I mean, c'mon, a fade-through-black? That would have been acceptable for the low quality setting, but for HQ users, make HQ animations. And also, there's not really a need for the death sound, its barely noticeable and its only taking up space in the .swf file, so either make the volume of the sound higher, or remove it altogether.

Hope this review helps you for your next work.


I really liked it...

The graphics of the house were so nice, I didn't want to leave! The only thing I would suggest though is to play around with the items, the game is good but finding the items is a lot of pixel-hunting. Also some music would be nice

You guys get 4...

For an original concept. I thought Shift was one of the most original ideas... But so many sequels has made the game over-played. And I didn't much care for the first one because of it's odd physics (wayyyy to much gravity) and its very odd format of controls... I think that the idea was very good and the first of its kind (Shift and all its remakes) but as I said, it's a dead horse, and this sequel is just beating it further... A very wise saying is that all good things come in threes... Shift is no longer a "new" and revolutionary idea, and I'm sure the original creator can make something else totally mind-blowing...


Plainly awesome, rocket jetpack penguins own...

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