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I'm going to give a stark honest review, but coming from someone who grew up playing games and has a year of hobbyist programming under his belt,

I don't like it... But, I will make this review probably the most worthwhile one of them all by telling you how to correct it.

1. The Collision Detection and Gravity is all off, chances are this was made based off a tutorial, which is fine, we all need to learn, I'm still learning. But when making something by the aid of a tutorial, your final product after the tutorial is the least important thing and the least valuable to you. The value is the concepts and principals of Actionscript that you learn as a result of the tutorial. So I would suggest what I always do after learning something new with Actionscript. Study over what I've just learned, look at the original author's comments in the tutorial, and then close up the tutorial and the game I just "programmed" with the help of the tutorial... Then I open a fresh document, draw a couple of circles or squares, and apply different scripts to the to see what each individual section does, that way, I can gain knowledge from the tutorial. Doing so really helps, in fact, in a year's worth of weekends (I'm a hobby programmer, remember that) I've learned almost half of the stuff there is to know about Actionscript, and I can write the code for this platformer in my head, that's because I disassembled what I originally was taught, and made it my own through experimentation.

2. Art and Music are a Programmer's bread and butter, they fit along with the "Main Dish" which is programming. Your choice of music worked in an OK way, and the looping was nailed perfectly, but the art needs drastic improvement. You can't slap a stick-figure and a bunch of gradients together and call it a game, that just doesn't work... I suggest working on matching platforms to the background, I also understand that it's difficult, matching colors and such, but if you need to, begin with graytoned schemes, it will still be practice.

3. You can't place a whole bunch of restart buttons all over the place, if the player reaches an area in which they cant get back from, a game designer's ace-in-the-hole is to place a killer there to kill off the player and restart the level.

4. If a game is to be a true game, it must have a goal. You cant just expect people to run around with their jolly little stick figure and go "lalalalalalala, omg this gam3 is teh 1337 lemme get it a fiven!" players won't be happy without any goal in sight.

5. Disable the Context Menu, its a simple script, and it would stop players from right clicking and going to the "You Win" screen...

zachtejeda2 responds:

thanx for the review. im new to flash so i know it wasnt the best but ill learn im already getting better.

I can't rate it any higher.

Because it's unfinished, and for those who claim that it doesn't work.

1. You probably should Update your Flash Player.
2. The "About Me" section clearly states that this is not a final project. So there are some major incomplete parts.

All-in-all the 3D is pretty decent, now I suggest showing off the content in the areas instead of just the titles.

Hmm... Very Political...

I do have an interpretation, this game exhibits the surreal idea that one can make a difference in society. The unique character who always starts off wrong is doing what Ghandi advised when he said,"Be the change in the world that you wish to see" And this simple idea has been driving all forms of communication with other humans since creation itself.

So in other words, this game sums up life for the 99.9% of us who don't live as shut-ins...

Sorry but...

I'm a fan of originals staying original.

This game is essentially a slightly improved engine of your game "Armed with Wings" except in this special modification to the engine you get to:

Play as a Female
Use some crazy Ultimate attack
Watch some more cutscenes
Watch your computer nearly catch fire from lag
Watch the laggy animations progress through at 1 frame a second
Hope that you kill off enough uber-enemies to get the lag down
Jam Keyboard keys to try and kill said enemies
Collect NG Medals
Snag some spare music tracks
Get angry at this game for not saving your progress
Play with akward controls
Get that Deja-Vu feeling
Then realize its like seeing Pirates of the Carribean 2 shortly after seeing the first one
Write a review detailing the things you dislike about said game
Make a list of things you dont like
and finally,
Vote a very low vote (not Zero-Bomb)

So please, my constructive criticism is to stay original with your releases, this isnt a "bad" game, its just not original after having played both of the "Armed with Wings" games.

Thats my advice, a dosage of non-bandwagon reality.

Your bandage for said injection of reality is to follow my advice, you've definently got the creativity to make stuff way better than just a modified version of another game you've made.

Very nice.

For a first. There are a couple of things I would suggest.

A bit more of a challenge as far as the little stars go, why not make them disappear after a certain amount of time? Also, the bug's graphics need to be tweaked a bit, I recommend removing the shadows underneath them because it looks very inconsistent with the graphics of the sky in the background. Also, jumping over the bugs would be a clever twist, and with your current programming skills, that would be almost no difficulty to pull off, search around the internet for the "Negative Gravity" platform engine if you're interested, its a simple concept that can be adapted to almost any game.

And for a first submission, you've earned my favorite.

Solidsnk65 responds:

Thank you so much for such a detailed review! I'll definitely look into your suggestions. Thanks for the fav. and score. :]

OMG Please?

I'm sorry but if you're gonna put a song with the F-Bomb in the lyrics and draw a brush-tool penis, don't submit this as "Suitable For All Audiences"

Mechabloby responds:

i'm sorry, but i was under the influence that THIS WAS A FREE COUNTRY

Since this is how I started programming...

I can't be too critical of this, you're on your way =]

acedareaper responds:

thanks do you think you could help me out with the second one? please pm me i could really use the as2 help

If I could ever vote on something twice...

... I'd vote zero on this... Again. Newgrounds doesn't need time wasting flashes like this... If you're gonna waste someone's time, atleast give them some incentive at the end not to vote zero.

You stealed it...


Gameplay Engine

You stole every one of these from Tainted Kingdom... We don't like your type around here...

I'm letting Krinn and ArmorGames know, so enjoy this while it lasts...

I'd love to see a download-able...

Publish the flash as a fullscreen HTML, then you can use it as a desktop background.

Userscripts, for Everyone.

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