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It deserves a higher score, but it does target only the Kirby fans, which in the scope of video-gaming is a small population. I'm not a fan, but I keep an open mind so I think that this was pretty decent. Also, before submitting something, I recommend a pre-loader, the NG preloaders are free and easy to use. You can't count on people with slow connections to be patient and stare at a white screen. A loading bar (Pre-Loader) would really help, because impatient people just usually zero-bomb the flash...

I can see...

That you're a beginner at flash, but the quality of the music video made me unable to vote anything less than 5. Good luck to you in future projects.


I don't think that The Pokemon Company and Freak Creatures (Pokemon Game Creators) could make their own work look so good, you've trumped the creator of the series, good job!

Very decent.

This appears to be your first submission, I must say, the shading done on the pickle was masterful for a beginner, and also, the lip syncing of the words was un-speakably amazing (no pun intended)

You appear to be on your way to some great flash submissions in the future.

A couple of things I would suggest though, you may want to work on some higher detail blood, and work on your human form some more, the people were clearly people, but a little detail couldn't hurt.

MX2000 responds:

yeah I'll submit better ones, this is just the beggining

I know its Clock Crew...

But please don't use the Microsoft Sam voice... It's really not too good for flash, I learned that the hard way... Also, its not traditional of Clock Crew submissions (I'm talking the real real real originals) to use that "Shape 'n' Shape" style of bouncing while they talk. Most early CC stuff used a rotating arrow...

Not bad...

... I usually hate Clock Crew stuff, but this is definently an exception to my usual voting habits.

I also found the easter egg... It is a little hardcore for a rated teen submission man...

peanutbutterclawk responds:


Im proud

to have done work for this. Any1 who doesnt like it needs to try and do a half decent collab themselves so we can all laugh at them...

ughanation responds:

Yeah, what the OldSage said... WHAT?!

Very Very Good...

It was funny, had the feel of the Real Movie, and it had good graphics.

~ This right here is just jokin around ~

H4X0R, U cant submit 3 works in 1 day!

MarcyVF responds:

Thank you, what did you mean with the two last sentences? :O

You win...

If you are experiencing difficulty deciphering this review, read the title (3) times.

Looks good...

You worked so hard on the trailer that the full this is guaranteed to be great...

Android-Music responds:

I feel a little shy: just 6 days(1 hour per day). My grats to you anyway!

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