Computer gone...

2013-03-03 16:27:01 by Xaotik

Hey NG... I'm quite sad at this time... It's my last break from school until the semester is over and as I get home, I find out that my computer's hard drive model has been recalled due to defects.

I had to bring it in for service and will be without it for a few days. I was hoping to finally sit down and do some serious work on NG+, but it looks like it has to wait.


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2013-03-03 16:54:35

Sorry that happened, man. :/ This really reminds me of something very similar that happened to me about a year ago, I got home from school excited for the first day of Spring Break, and then my computer's motherboard and power supply blew out on me and I had to wait a month to get it fixed, and the whole time I was really excited to finally get some work done on animations. Hope you can get it back soon!


2013-03-03 17:52:24

No lost data though, right? Hope you get it back soon!

Xaotik responds:

No data lost, just needs to be repaired is all.


2013-03-03 19:34:50


Xaotik responds:

Don't worry, it'll be fixed in a few days, it's just inconvenient...


2013-03-04 01:02:16

What a bummer...