Yet Another Project

2013-01-20 04:43:07 by Xaotik

Hey NG,

I've come to the conclusion that the only way I get things done is to juggle multiple projects. My latest fascination and project is a new game about commerce during the 18th Century. I'm aiming to make this a game that can be played at any speed, accomplished by having a range of missions that play at varying speeds.

The HTML5 game I mentioned last post is still under way. That will probably be released after this project, as I'm still getting a feel for development in a new environment.

As for Newgrounds+, I'm trying to gather opinions on where I should take it next. I strongly believe at this point that the best course of action is to rewrite the script as a native browser extension to dispel the restrictions I've had to work under whilst developing it as a userscript.

As always, I'm open to any commentary you all have to offer on this. I'll conclude this post by leaving you with an early screen cap of the commerce game I mentioned.

[High Res Photo]

Yet Another Project


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2013-01-20 10:30:40

The game looks promising.