Project Apollo - HTML5 Game

2013-01-03 20:56:59 by Xaotik

Hello Newgrounders

This post is about a new game I'll be working on for a stint, currently codenamed Project Apollo, until it has a real name. I'm taking a little bit of a break from development on NG+ to focus my efforts on Apollo, because it will be a new territory for Jaxh and myself, HTML5 Game Development. I've spent the entire day writing an in-house Javascript library to determine device specs and Flash Player compatibility, amongst other things. The Flash Player compatibility detector was a must, because a Flash-based "substrate" will be rolled out with this game, designed to link into the NG Flash API for Medals and Save Data, and the detector library will be used to ensure that the API is only accessed on desktop/laptop devices. Mobile devices able to access the HTML5 game engine will be limited to an "Arcade" mode, but it will still be pretty cool to have this game available on the go.

I don't currently have any screenshots available, but stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks, I hope to have this project up and running very, very soon.

- Xaotik


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2013-01-04 04:49:18

Are you planning to try to get sponsored and such? I'd be interested to hear how that all goes. Everyone keeps saying HTML5 is the future of web gaming...but I just don't see what they're talking about. None of the games I've played have run very well.

Xaotik responds:

We plan to utilize the already-existing Newgrounds Flash API, delivered through the HTML5 Engine only to Flash-capable devices.

Mobile devices will not run the Flash content, so therefore they will not have Ads, Medals, or Saves.

The focus of this project is just to implement a game that will run on multiple platforms, both mobile and desktop.

My team and I have no plans to make a full departure from Flash for content delivery.