Mother's Day, HaiBai, Sick...

2012-05-13 14:31:25 by Xaotik

First off, to all mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day.

Secondly, to all single moms of only one child, ages 21-30, Hey baby, come here often?

Third, remember back in March, I mentioned a new member of the ShadeStorm Productions team? You remember, right? No? Ok then, well allow me to introduce HaiBai, he's a nice guy and all, been a friend of mine for many years, but he's a bit slow to get things done. Anyway, he'll be the newest face at ShadeStorm, specializing in desktop and server-side development, but also a bit of an amateur photographer and some funny ideas for a video project (which will hopefully be launched using the NG video player, if Tom watches/likes the preview we intend to pitch before Robot Day).

Fourth, I've contracted a summer cold or flu, or some sort of coughing, sneezing, sore throat thing. It sucks... 'nuff said. Three days into it and I'm feeling better now, so it's over for this little P.O.S. virus, because I don't fall ill again as I'm starting to recover.

Anyway, feel free to comment if you're reading this.


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2012-05-13 18:03:55

Lets hope you fully recover, man. You should've gotten a flu shot. Kinda painful, but hey, its a vaccine.

On a side note, Im in love with your scripts. I'm using at least 5 right now.

Xaotik responds:

Thanks :)


2012-09-14 18:46:38

nice flu