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Site, new members, game, stuff...

Posted by Xaotik - March 1st, 2012

Hey all,

A few things I'd like to cover for my fans(if there are any) in this news post:

- My group, founded by Jaxh and I, Shadestorm Productions is going to get a website, cool huh? A good friend of mine that I've known for a very long time had run his site (which is now down and needs fixing) from a hosting service that was really good to him. He's been a long time customer of theirs, and is on an unlimited plan which allows him to purchase lifetime subscriptions to an unlimited number of server slots.

- That being said, he's still getting acquainted to NG, and is now going to officially join Shadestorm Productions. I'll make a follow-up news post introducing my buddy.

- Working on a new game that should have been finished ages ago. Having lots of work is the opposite of having lots of fun, so that's my reasoning for that. As usual, it'll feature music by Jaxh, and coding by myself, possibly our new group member will do artwork, if we can't meet to collaborate before the coding is done, then I'll cover the artwork.

- I guess to cover "Stuff" since I mentioned "New Members", "Site", and "Game", I'll say that, although I'm a bit busy right now, I'm still making GreaseMonkey Scripts, knugen, the moderator behind the original thread, made a new thread for post-redesign work, all of my scripts are linked to in that thread. I'm getting lot of requests for scripts, and I plan to cover them all.

- Also, almost totally forgot, my friend will be almost exclusively helping me, on the design/programming end of our future projects, to balance things out, Jaxh should also be recruiting a friend of his soon, in order to collaborate on music to make even better tracks for our work.

By the time I'm allowed to frontpage post again (14 days), our site should be somewhat operational, I'll post links when that happens. Also, if the game is not out by then, I'll have shamed myself and my ancestors.

Also, I have two competitions to present the student research I conducted, I know I haven't mentioned much about it at all, but I can't mention portions to the general public as parts of the project I was involved in are awaiting publication. At any rate, wish me luck (if you feel like it)

K, take care now,
- X