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I </3 Sony...

Posted by Xaotik - February 13th, 2011

Hey there NG... So... Story time...

All is not well in Sage's world, as I just recently got my new Samsung UN40C6300 40" LED HDTV...

Before this, I had been using an old TV from like the '90s (embarrassing enough, as it is...) which had become so old that there was literally a blurred line, slowly but surely spreading across the whole screen, burned into the image.

After upgrading, I was so happy to see that I would finally be moving everything to HD. This includes my XBOX 360 and PS3 Slim.

Well, I moved almost everything to HD...

The XBOX 360 looks great, its nice to finally have a large screen to play on with crisp, clear details.

However, my demon child of a PS3 Slim refuses to work...

I'm using a Standard speed HDMI cable from Generations, a P.C. Richard & Sons brand. This cable model works wonders for the 360 and the HDTV, however, the PS3 seems to have some issue with it.

I've tried every port on this TV and I am 100% positive that they all work, the TV even recognizes something is attached to the port the PS3 is in because it moves that port's name into the list of active ports...

The PS3 even recognizes an HDMI cable is connected to the TV because it continuously asks me (after resetting the graphics to defaults countless times) whether or not I want to use the HDMI signal...

I've tried everything I can think of and I'm really getting tired of this... No matter what I try, inevitably, I'll get a "No Signal" message on the TV...

After Googling for hours, I've found that this issue seems to be unsolved across the web, and its something to do with the PS3 Slim itself. The only people able to rectify this claim to have had complained until Sony shipped them a new PS3...

I don't feel like getting on the phone with minimum wage customer service idiots who quite possibly have never even handled the product they are providing service for, and whine my way into getting a system replacement for something thats not even technically broken, not to mention having to lose all of my game saves, trophies, etc. To top it all off, Sony's SCEA Customer Service Knowledge Base not only leads into a maze of generic articles, it fails to recognize this issue at all, and half the articles lead to 404s...

So, I'm asking you Newgrounds, if anyone out there has had this problem, could you offer some kind of viable solution? I put much more faith in the average NG user than I ever could in a customer service rep.

Also, Sony FTL.

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Mine Did something like that too and I was ready to panic thought I would have to buy a new HDMI cord or my Ps3 slim failed me &gt;:( But it was an easy fix for me and hopefully for you too. I just unplugged the tv itself for like 10 seconds plugged it back in and tried again everything worked fine. I hope your just as lucky but you might have to do do strange things Like have the red yellow and white cords in and hold on the power button until it starts beeping at you to restart the display settings. I dunno good luck.

I tried all that stuff with the power button before I wrote the news post...

Also, what you did is called resetting the "handshake", a "handshake" is a process between media components when they recognize each other. I've tried multiple other ways of resetting the "handshake" but it still didn't work...

have u tried holding the power button til it &quot;blips&quot;?

Yeah, thats auto-setup, and still, nothing. If I do that for HDMI, it loses the signal on AV(obviously), and then neither work, so I have to reset it for AV then to see anything at all...

Technology can be such a bitch at times. Then again it often makes everyone its bitches.

So yeah, bend over baby!

But seriously, good luck with that.


The problem is in the connection of the HDMI cable. You'll have to get it replaced, that's what happened to me.

so it sounds crazy but my ps3 is a little retarded too... its happened to me several times after i bought it and i thought it was the same problem you did. i would switch it to hdmi and saw a no signal screen, pop in the same cable on the xbox and it works fine, i was going nuts. THEN...by chance, when i had switched the setting to hdmi etc and it went to the no signal screen i turned my TV off and on again, boom worked perfectly and i was enjoying hdmi goodness. why it does this? i havent the slightest clue, is it the ps3 or the tv? honestly couldnt tell you but it worked for me so :/ hopefully itll work for others :D

When I quickly glanced at your Post on the front page I could've swore it said

&quot;I horny.&quot;

I am one perverted bastard....

Nice to see a dual system owner thats not biased. Thank you sir for supporting both platforms :)

No prob. I also have a Wii, but that was a gift and Nintendo does in fact suck imo...