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Newgrounds BBS Inline Flash/Audio Viewer Homepage

Posted by Xaotik - December 29th, 2010

Hello Newgrounds!

If you've landed yourself on this page, welcome to the homepage of my Newgrounds BBS Inline Flash and Audio Viewer! Feel free to take a look around!


What is this thing?
The Newgrounds BBS Inline Flash and Audio Viewer is a Greasemonkey Script that I(Oldsage10) developed for the BBS. It allows you to open "feature links", such as P-Bot's daily posting of the Top 5 submissions on the Newgrounds front page, directly in the BBS page!

How do I use it?
Well, to use this script/extension, you need to be using Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey, Google Chrome, or any other browser capable of installing user-scripts. Chrome is what I use primarily for development, however I also conduct tests in Firefox, so any of my scripts should run in both.

Where can I get this script?
The script is hosted on userscripts.org, the preview and install buttons will be listed at the bottom of this post.

How can I check for updates?
The viewer window generated by the script will provide a link for update checking, visiting this news post will cause the script to automatically check for an update. (version 0.5beta and later ONLY)

Change/Update Log:

- EDIT 1: Now works for Audio Portal submissions.
- EDIT 2: Clicking on the dimmed background will now exit the viewer.
- EDIT 3: Temporary error screen now appears if the movie fails to load.
- EDIT 4: All submissions will now load in a widescreen size, with a gradient background, this will eliminate the clipping glitch that occurs on submissions with long titles. Added in a new system for updating the script. When visiting the script homepage(this page), the script will automatically check for updates. The script also now includes Version Numbers.

Current Script Version:

v. 0.51beta


Install Now!
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So how do I use it?

You need either Firefox with Greasemonkey or Chrome. Stable builds of the browsers work better and there are some known glitches that occur with the betas.

After that, you can click that "Install Now" link right there, if you're using Chrome or Firefox with Greasemonkey, Chrome/Greasemonkey will handle the rest and walk you through the installation, which is pretty simple.

Then, you click on one of these(http://www.newgrounds.com/d ump/item/0931a9b224da6d95e2b58940 8e77f29d) types of links in the BBS, and something like this(http://www.newgrounds.com/du mp/item/7fef0106d8de099fa7de0ca0a 2c5481e) will happen.

Also, you can check here(http://www.newgrounds.com/bb s/topic/1150914) for more info and the entire library of Newgrounds Scripts people have built.