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Thanks Newgrounds!

Posted by Xaotik - December 3rd, 2010

Hello all,

I'm taking my first NG Front-Page post to thank all of you. Thank you, everyone who played AMP'D, thanks to you guys, Jaxh and I earned our first Daily Feature. We have also been front-paged, which is incredibly cool, and much further beyond our expectations and hopes for the game.

I'm sure Jaxh will be thanking the NG community on his own, but let me just say, on behalf of our indie group, which is still nameless, we owe it all to the NG viewers, and I'm so glad that we could have a good time making the game, and you had a good time playing.

As for the criticism, I do realize I come off as sounding a bit aggressive, but believe me, so long as your criticism was constructive, and not just simply, "This game is crap, doesn't deserve front page, blam blam blam!", I actually appreciate it, because that negative end helps us to fix our mistakes for next time.

To finish this post off, I'd like to once again say thanks. Thanks to TomFulp for approving the Medals. Also, thanks to Mike, for all of his help sorting out discrepancies in the Newgrounds API during the early development stages of AMP'D. I'm certainly aware of the fact that the Medals greatly increased the game's publicity, and without the generous help I got from TomFulp and Mike, the game probably would not have gotten off to such a great start.

That being said, Jaxh and I are just getting started. We have a long way to go and a ton of projects planned down the road.

In fact, we have a monstrous concept for a game on the burner right now, and we don't have all that accurate a time table for its release, but it will probably be a few months. For this game, we have enlisted the aid of some good friends, and we're all very excited for and dedicated to this project. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news on that! ;)

Thanks once again,

Comments (7)

"This game is crap, doesn't deserve front page, blam blam blam!"


Screw that hater.


Good work. Tighten up the controls on AMP'D a little and you can make a sequel easily. If you ever need a writer, get in touch with me.

Aren't Medals fun?

Yup, Medals are FTW, thanks for the positive comment!

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