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Comments (13)

gmail, no particular reason for it, works for me.

I also find it pretty stupid that Yahoo still won't allow pop3 access. jeez

i use yahoo...
it works fine for me...
i dont even have hotmail
im on msn with my yahoo email
and i also have gmail

came in this post expecting hot males.

realized it was about email.



Hotmail and yahoo have notoriously shitty security - often people's accounts can be yanked from social engineering with almost no effort on the part of the hacker. Security question answers such as your high school name and name of pets are so easily found with a simple google search and yahoo/hotmail just give the account access up after only a few correct answers.

Gmail allows for text-message verification for lost passwords - that means if you forget your password and ask for it back or get locked out of your account, you will be sent a text to your cell phone - you can set it up so that is the only way to reset your password. Gmail also supports 64 character printable ascii passwords as well as answers to security questions.

That sounds really cool, I just didn't like how GMail demanded a phone number (according to what I've read this is a recent change), I know it's to prevent spam and bot accounts, but I don't want to be forced into giving up my phone number.

I've got my new hotmail locked down so my password can only be reset from my work email, and I don't put any sensitive info on my hotmail.

But yeah, nice security setup.

I use Yahoo and Gmail. Yahoo for anything, Gmail for more important things like Paypal, bank account, Amazon, etc.

I have one of all major services. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and others. I have multiple accounts on each one.

i use hotmail, too lazy to change

About the phone number thingie in gmail: It's correct that it asks for one, but you can just skip this step. Yeah, it's a 5 point font written somewhere below that noone sees, but its possible to just not provide a phone number.

as such, gmail ofc.

I use hotmail as well, compared to gmail, hotmail has more functionalities than gmail in the standard web interface.

If you have Microsoft Outlook (part of Office) be sure to add the e-mail account. Gmail has IMAP protocols, while Hotmail has POP3 for access to PC mailing programs. So it's a win with Hotmail :)

Personally I just dislike Google and their products because of their invasive methods. Like the forcing of Google Accounts, for YouTube, Android phones etc. Btw, make use of SkyDrive, it's part of a windows live account. 25 gb of cloud storage woot :)

Hotmail, why do I use it? no reason at all

Hotmail, and if you are smart, you wont be caught by social engineering.
There was a guy whose email was neo_matrix@gmail.com, guess what the password for his email was? matrix123. So all that extra security does nothing at all if you are just dumb.
(After that episode he changed it to Matrix321)

Also, hacking Google is an achievment for hackers, sometimes its better to hang out with some less know services for that.